Aew Rampage Holiday Bash Outcomes: Wardlow Guarantees Title Change On Aew Dynamite, Jay Deadly & Jeff Jarrett Defeat Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn (12/23) – The Overtimer

Jeff JAEW Dynamite” target=”_blank”>AEW Dynamite arrett AEW Dynamite & Jay Lethal have taken intention on AEW Dynamite the AEW World Tag Team Championships, currently held by means AEW Dynamite of AEW Dynamite The Acclaimed. Tonight but, they AEW Dynamite will handiest be going through half of the champions, as Anthony Bowens groups with “Daddy Ass” himself, Billy Gunn. Even defeating half of the AEW Dynamite high-quality tag team in AEW, especially while he’s teaming with a certified tag crew legend like Gunn, could get an instantaneous title shot.Wardlow Promises Fans A Title Change

Before this match, we’d take a look at in at the TNT Championship situation. Wardlow has waited patiently for his rematch for the TNT Championship, letting the likes of Darby Allin & AR Fox get photographs at Samoa Joe first. He in the end gets his shot at New Years Bash, with Joe inclined to permit Wardlow revel in the vacations earlier AEW Dynamite than he receives choked out all over again.

Wardlow has a danger to speak before this large name in shape – and Wardlow tends to hold his mind brief and sweet, similar to his matches. He would take problem with the name of “King of Television”, as he perspectives Joe as a paper champion. He did not defeat Wardlow to win the belts, as a substitute defeating Powerhouse Hobbs who had taken a handful of powerbombs. This Wednesday, Wardlow promises a identify alternate – with the TNT Championship ultimate proper where it belongs.Daddy Ass Lets The Acclaimed Down

After Caster would promise to ship Lethal & Jarrett again to the Impact Zone and calling Satnam Singh the ‘Not So Great Khali’, Bowens & Lethal could start the suit. Bowens could be capable of outwrestle the veteran, hitting the leapfrog bulldog. Gunn & Jarrett would tag into the match, with Jarrett hitting a poke to the eyes earlier than the Fargo Strut AEW Dynamite turned into halted with a heavy lariat.

Gunn might hit a Jackhammer for a rely, before Bowens would hit the jumping elbow drop. On the floor, Jarrett could be capable of hit a cheap shot on Bowens with a lariat, as Satnam Singh could make Gunn appear like he belongs in a Cruiserweight department. Lethal could seize Bowens as he rolled returned into the hoop, most effective to throw him again out to the floor.

Some heavy knee moves might comply with from Lethal, with Jarrett keeping the pressure on. AEW Dynamite It’s really worth noting that Jarrett has been wrestling longer than Bowens has been alive, and that experience edge became clear. Lethal would hit a snap neckbreaker before a count number. Bowens could get a near fall off a roll up, earlier than falling to the Lethal Combination.

Jarrett might hit the ring and be dropped by way of Bowens, who became able to make the tag to Gunn. Lethal & Jarrett would be dropped with a few AEW Dynamite lariats, earlier than the powerbomb became interrupted by means of Signh, who Gunn despatched to the ground. Lethal Injection turned into blocked into The One, with Lethal kicking out at . Bowens changed into dropped with The Stroke, as Dutt could hit a low AEW Dynamite blow. Lethal Injection landed, and Gunn turned into now not kicking out.

Will Lethal & Jarrett get their name shot on January 4th? Let us realize what you believe you studied in the remark segment down under.

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