All The Symptoms Wwe’s ‘white Rabbit’ Is Bray Wyatt

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The identity of Bray Wyatt the “White Rabbit” is the followBray Wyatt ing massive WWE thriller all people is demise to be solved. Fans are more excited about the character at the back of this whole issue, and Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt that’s thank you in huge element to hypothesis that it is able to be Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt. Wyatt was one of the WWE’s pinnacle stars while the employer let him cross almost years in the past, and there hasn’t been a month that’s long past by considering that enthusiasts haven’t questioned if he’ll return. 

For that purpose, there’s truely a few skepticism amongst wrestling fanatics if that is simply the time that Bray Wyatt will go back to the WWE. After all, we’ve heard rumors that Wyatt is inquiring for too much money, or that the WWE didn’t Bray Wyatt like his grievance of the innovative product. With that said, I’ve compiled all of the proof to this point that the White Rabbit is indeed Wyatt, and feel that the following clues make it clean he’ll quickly be lower back inside the business enterprise. 

(Image credit: WWE)The Eerieness Of The White Rabbit Song

This entire White Rabbit business started with the WWE randomly reducing the lights and gambling Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” for viewers inside the arena. The track, which appears to simply be the remoted audio of the track, has a real haunting presence while performed in an arena and sounds a little creepy. The song itself has an eerie vibe, that’s a part of the purpose why some at once equated it to Bray Wyatt. 

Of path, Bray Wyatt’s greater typically associated with his tune “Live In Fear,” however playing some thing like that for audiences could almost immediately deliver away who the White Rabbit is. Granted, the WWE’s pulled the wool over the eyes of enthusiasts in the beyond, and it wasn’t that long ago human beings mistook a promo package deal for Edge as proof that Wyatt turned Bray Wyatt into coming Bray Wyatt again. Luckily, there’s extra evidence to study, which makes the argument a bit extra convincing. 

(Image credit score: WWE)The QR Code On Raw

The WWE has been running on telling tales within the background of its display because it airs, and the ultra-modern tease on Monday Night Raw might’ve been one of the greatest but. Viewers noticed a QR code in the back of Austin Theory at some stage in his segment and decided to observe the link with their smartphones to peer what changed into occurring. It grew to become out to be a video of someone gambling hangman, with a grim query posed to the viewer. 

The recreation asked, “Who killed the world?” and the solution ended up being, “You did.” What’s even more strange is that the first letters guessed within the video spelled “demon,” and whilst that’s extra typically associated with Finn Balor, Wyatt absolutely faucets into demonic imagery for his characters as nicely. I’d also want to factor out that Bray Wyatt is by no means truthful together with his Bray Wyatt messaging and loves to speak broadly and cryptically. This puzzle feels find it irresistible’s something nicely in the Bray Wyatt wheelhouse, so it’s now not a hard sell to suppose it’s associated with him.

(Image credit score: WWE)The Extreme Rules Poster

The legit posters for the upcoming WWE occasion Extreme Rules are out, and enthusiasts have already observed what can be a very apparent sign that Bray Wyatt’s go back is right across the corner. On one poster, simply to the left of Matt Riddle’s head, there’s a image of a lantern within the heritage. Take a observe the piece in query thanks to Pro Wrestling Center

Fans on Twitter have pointed out Bray Wyatt’s lantern within the history of the Extreme Rules poster. #WWE 21, 2022

Now, an ominous-looking lantern isn’t exactly a inform-story signal of Bray Wyatt’s go back in the WWE. With that stated, in case you had been to use a lantern as a image for any wrestler in the beyond decade, I’m now not sure there’d be a higher fit than Bray Wyatt. It’s no longer the strongest evidence that he’s the White Rabbit or returning to the WWE, however it is sincerely exquisite supplemental proof in light of the whole thing else on here. 

(Image credit score: WWE)Strange Events Occurring During Alexa Bliss’ Latest Match

Bray Wyatt’s very last healthy earlier than his launch within the WWE changed into a WrestleMania showdown with Randy Orton, which he misplaced due to interference with Alexa Bliss (check it out now with a Peacock top class subscription). Wyatt at the start teased vengeance against his former best friend for what passed off, but when he by no means lower back to tv, everything sort of died. Alexa slowly rehabilitated (with the assist of remedy) her supernatural side, but hasn’t certainly reclaimed her former greatness inside the WWE feel. 

So then what are the odds that Bray Wyatt during Alexa’s modern day healthy on Monday Night Raw, as the remark team is lamenting her fall from grace, the lighting fixtures fade inside and out? Bray Wyatt’s beyond gimmicks additionally featured manipulation of lighting and other outcomes inside the area, and the fact it occurred at some point of an Alexa Bliss healthy simply made it sense all too apparent that he’s seeking to help Alexa discover her manner once more. For Alexa’s sake at least, we are hoping so. 

(Image credit: WWE)Bray Wyatt’s Tweet Months Ago About Devil’s Hole In Arkansas

Perhaps the maximum damning and wild piece of proof to present is the truth that Bray Wyatt tweeted a query about Devil’s Hole in Self, Arkansas, again in July, which didn’t seem too suspicious again then. Those who remembered it, however, went to find out some facts approximately this region, best to find a forum approximately creepy goings-on on the area. What’s more interesting is that the moderator of the discussion board is going by using the call of “White Rabbit.”

If this is an indeed a connection with his upcoming return, Bray Wyatt must’ve had this persona within the works for months. That’s very thrilling if so, as it suggests that he would possibly have a lot of factors cooked up for this latest run within the WWE. It can also imply he turned his online screen name right into a gimmick, that is slightly much less interesting, however I admire this easter egg that might’ve tipped the wrestling international off to the gimmick all of the identical. 

The White Rabbit is coming, though we don’t know for positive after they’ll without a doubt seem. Tune into Monday Night Raw and SmackDown for greater famous, and with a bit of Bray Wyatt luck the eventual reveal of this mysterious figure’s identification. 

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