Bayley Says Becky Lynch Put Her Foot In Her Mouth On 12/five/22 Wwe Raw

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wwe Bayley is ready for Alexa Bliss and says Becky Lynch underestimated wwe Damage CTRL.

On WWE Monday Night Raw, Bayley earned wwe the right to stand Alexa Bliss subsequent week. The wwwe inner of wwe that bout wwe will face Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Title.  On WWE Raw Talk, Bayley discussed Becky Lynch’s run-in with Damage CTRL and her upcoming bout with Bliss.

“Oh, I’m already organized,” stated Bayley. “I’ve acknowledged Alexa a long time and I don’t recognize if you keep in mind, but the closing time we had a fit in my fatherland, I turned into in a position to stroll out a hit. So I’m feeling without a doubt correct. I don’t recognize if it’s something in the air right here in DC or if it’s due to the fact I recognise my approach against Alexa, or it’s because Becky wwe form of placed her foot in her mouth, didn’t she? I suppose that she underestimated me and Dakota and IYO, aka Damage CTRL, proper? You would by no means, you realize step up and say horrific matters approximately us, would you? Becky did. Idiot! So I think that Becky could have her little dream fit in her goals. Because it ain’t gonna be with me whenever quickly. Sorry, sister. See you later, Alexa.”

Should Bayley make it beyond Alexa, she’ll be in line for her third title fit against Bianca Belair on the grounds that she again from a knee damage at WWE SummerSlam 2022. “The Role Model” become in a position, however, to pin Bianca throughout a six-female tag crew in shape at WWE Clash on the Castle 2022 in September.

As pointed out by means of Becky Lynch at the December 5 WWE Raw, while Bayley is a grand slam champion, she’s the lone member of the stable she leads that isn’t a champion.

Elsewhere on Raw subsequent week, Damage CTRL member IYO SKY will face Candice LeRae. Learn greater here.

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