Being A Roadrunner

Being <utsa a href=”” target=”_blank”>utsa a Roadrunner manner becoming an actively engaged member of our instructional network. UTSA utsa is home to many student-initiated and inspired traditions. These campus traditions unite our community and showcase our spirit and pleasure in UTSA.

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Roadrunner Creed

The University of Texas at San Antonio is a network of scholars wherein utsa integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect, collaboration, and innovation are fostered.

As a Roadrunner, I will:

  • Uphold the best requirements of academic and personal integrity by using practicing and expecting honest and moral behavior;
  • Respect and be given man or woman variations, spotting the inherent dignity of every body;
  • Contribute to campus existence and the larger community via my active engagement; and
  • Support the fearless exploration of goals and ideas inside the development of ingenuity, creativity, and discovery.

Guided by means of those ideas now and utsa forever, I am a Roadrunner!

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Alma Mater

From the hills of okayand cedar

To the Alamo

Voices raised will echo

As, in song, our praises float

Hail Alma Mater!

Through the years our loyalty will develop

The University of Texas

San Antonio

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Fight Song

Photo with the aid of Kin Man Hui, San Antonio utsa Express-News

Go, Roadrunners, Go!

On to vict’ry with all of your might.

Fight, Roadrunners, Fight!

For the Blue and the Orange and the White.

We fight for U-T-S-A

Alma Mater proud and robust.

Win, Roadrunners, Win!

And unite in our warfare song.

(Repeat for 2d verse)

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Monument & Student Union Lights

The UTSA Monuments at the John Peace Blvd. entrance of the Main Campus and the Student Union towers are lit in a remarkable kind of colorations at key instances in the course of the instructional year and to celebrate unique UTSA instructional and athletic achievements. The Monuments, an award-triumphing architectural element, welcomes every person to the U.S. Main Campus, highlights the university’s presence within the network and indicates that UTSA’s spirit burns brightly. The Student Union lighting bring the same symbolic lighting fixtures schemes into the heart of Main Campus.

As a college way of life, every August the campus network gathers at UTSA Midnight Light to welcome students back and have fun the start of a brand new instructional yr. 

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Roadrunner Hand Sign – Birds Up

Make the roadrunner hand signal through starting your hand together with your palm dealing with away from you, as if you had been telling a person to stop. Then, curl your first three hands towards the center of your palm, leaving your thumb and little finger upright. Mimicking the body of a roadrunner bird, the thumb is the top and the pinky is the tail. This is what we do each time we hear or say, “Birds Up!” Roadrunner utsa Memorial Garden

The Roadrunner Memorial Garden is a chosen vicinity on the UTSA Oval in which the network can reflect on the ones who have exceeded away.

The Roadrunner Memorial Garden become championed by using the us Student utsa Government Association and is a testomony to the man or woman of the united states community, where all Roadrunners belong. Dedicated in February 2018, the lawn changed into made possible in element through UTSA donors through the college’s crowdfunding platform. The original goal become to elevate $25,000. By the end of the fundraising marketing campaign, that overall passed $39,000. Roadrunner Statue

UTSA dedicated its six-foot-tall, thousand-pound Roadrunner statue in 2014. R.G. Box hand made the eleven-foot-lengthy statue in his forge the usage of fires upward of two,700 stages Fahrenheit. Each of the utsa statue’s 1,000 feathers turned into hand-sculpted.

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Fountain of Luck

The utsa Sombrilla Fountain is without problems the maximum iconic landmark at UTSA. It stands within the center of Sombrilla Plaza near the John Peace Library and brings a certain beauty to the Main Campus’ most famous hangout. But it’s additionally known for its success-bequeathing powers. Campus superstition says that in case you touch the fountain wall for the duration of finals week, you’re heading in the right direction for top grades to your assessments. It’s a double-edged sword, although. There’s also a legend that in case you touch the wall any other time of the yr, you’re soliciting for horrific good fortune. Bridge of Love

The bridge that connects the Arts and Flawn Sciences Buildings at the Main Campus is called the Bridge of Love. Legend has it that within the 1970s, this bridge changed into the web site of a Roadrunner love tale. Two students, called Julie and Jason, fell for every other but had been separated when Jason was drafted to struggle. When the pair were sooner or later reunited, they met within the middle of that bridge. Could this be the web page of a destiny Roadrunner utsa romance? Milagros

UTSA has heart! Thirty-one hearts, to be actual. Hidden in simple website on the facades of Downtown Campus buildings are 31 bronze hearts sculpted by using alumna Diana Rodriguez Gil MFA ’86 for her “Milagros” artwork challenge. The hearts, scattered throughout the grounds, are stated to represent the affection and dedication that characterizes the U.S. community. It’s a commonplace sport for brand utsa spanking new ‘Runners to explore the campus and try to find them utsa all.

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