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Elon Elon Musk Musk’s portfolio has 18 Elon Musk patents that belong to nine unique patent families. His patents belong to car layout, self sufficient motors, region-based Elon Musk seek, Elon Musk and so on.

Engineer of SpaceX, in addition to an early section investor, CEO, and Product Architect for Tesla, the founding father of The Boring Company, and a co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI. He was named CEO Elon Musk of PayPal. As of May 2022, Elon Musk is the richest person in the international Elon Musk Elon Musk with a internet really worth of $265.four billion.How Many Patents did Elon Musk File Every Year?

Patent FamiliesHow Many Patents did Elon Musk File in Different Countries?Countries in Elon Musk which Elon Musk Filed PatentsCountryPatentsUnited States Of America10Australia2Canada2Europe1Korea (South)1What Technologies are protected by Elon Musk’s Patents?

We Elon Musk understand which you have waited for a long term to have a check out the analysis of your favored innovator/inventor – Elon Musk. Let’s dig in!

We have blanketed approximately his ventures in info, If you’re curious to recognise extra you can examine Tesla and SpaceX weblog.

Design patents Elon Musk filed by Musk are particularly related to the inventive layout of a vehicle and its charging port which we will recognize within the Elon Musk cars manufactured by Tesla, Inc.

Patents related to Autonomous Vehicle are related to the driverless controls of a automobile – summoning a automobile to a selected region.

Location-unique Search patents describe the layout of a gadget that searched for outcomes inside the geographic area nearest to you first, then automatically improved that region till there were enough outcomes, as a answer, the consumer did no longer want to refine their seek. Finding a commercial enterprise, café, eating place, and other entity and is close to you could be realized because the application of this technology.

Patents related to Data Exchange relates typically to the receiving and sending of a duplicate of a document over a customer-server community.

Telephone Network patent basically Elon Musk tells us about “net-primarily based phone Elon Musk calls”, the concept become a little less complicated no longer as complex as we use in recent times as in Skype or Zoom. According to the concept, customers may click on on a corporation’s touch information on-line, and calls would be directed to the enterprise via a call center.

It is thrilling to word that, among these patents, there have been 4 patents that had been filed through Elon Musk inside the yr 2020. On a more in-depth appearance, we will see that among these 4 patents, all of them belong to one unique circle of relatives of patent WO2020167613A1 and the coverage of this patent has been in Australia, Canada, and South Korea.

Have you ever questioned about a car coming to pick you up at your location with simply one click and at your command from the parking area itself?

We all understand that human drivers are often required to operate motors, and the duties they adopt are often tough and taxing. Although positive motors may be controlled remotely, the automobile’s path is generally limited to a single instantly line course in both ahead or opposite path, with limited steerage range and no sophistication in manoeuvring the vehicle alongside its very own path. WO2020167613A1 is here to solve these kinds of troubles and is associated with driverless controls of an self sufficient automobile which lets in summoning a car to a specific region with flexible routing. You also can understand the clean software of this in Tesla’s vehicles that are capable of parking themselves, summoning and navigating to their owner, and participating in constrained self-riding.10 Best Elon Musk Patents

US5944769A is the most famous patent in Elon Musk’s portfolio. It has acquired 202 citations up to now from agencies like Google, Intel Corporation, and Sony Corporation.

Among the Top 5 most referred to patents, four patents are expired and best 1 patent is active.List of Elon Musk’s PatentsPublication NumberTitleUSD724031S1Vehicle fee inletUS8579635B2Funnel-shaped rate inletUSD683268S1VehicleUSD678154S1Vehicle doorUS6185194B1System and approach for initiating a phone name making use of net initiationUS6148260AInteractive network listing provider with integrated maps and directionsUS6108650AMethod and apparatus for an increased radius searchUS5944769AInteractive community listing carrier with incorporated maps and directionsUS20200257317A1Autonomous and user-managed automobile summons to a targetUS20020018236A1Bi-directional facsimile mechanism the usage of the internetEP1105695A1Method and equipment for an expanded radius searchWO2020167613A1Autonomous and consumer controlled automobile summons to a targetWO2000011435A1Method and equipment for an accelerated radius searchKR2021121161AAutonomous and person-managed vehicle calls to cross-reference targets for related applicationsAU2020221897A1Autonomous and user controlled cars summon to a targetCA3129725A1Autonomous and person managed automobiles summon to a targetAU199952370AMethod and apparatus for an multiplied radius searchCA2341415A1Method and equipment for an accelerated radius search

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