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Lola Mitchell, popularly called Gangsta Boo, is an American rapper who turned into born on Gangsta Boo target=”_blank”>Gangsta Boo the 7th of August 1979 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The talented girl rapper is famous for her song, Gangsta Boo Where Dem Dollas At.

Gangsta Gangsta Boo Gangsta Boo Boo’s net well worth is $2 million. Gangsta might be unmarried at the moment.Net Gangsta Boo Worth Gangsta Boo And Earnings

As mentioned earlier, Gangsta Boo’s Gangsta Boo internet worth is expected to be $2 million, which she earned from her career as a expert rapper.

Gangsta Boo’s net worth is $2 million. Gangsta Boo Image Source: Getty Images.

Alongside, Boo additionally makes a incredible amount of cash from her merchandise save wherein we can find numerous elegant gadgets. Similarly, she has an reliable internet site, in which we should Gangsta Boo purchase her songs and also live performance tickets.

Gangsta Boo’s primary supply of earnings comes from the sales of her albums and songs. Gangsta Boo She has launched Gangsta Boo many songs so far. Some of Gangsta Boo’s famous songs with their respective costs are:Title(Price) Mp3(Price) Audio CDWitch$eight.99$10.98Enquiring Minds$8.ninety nine$18.Gangsta Boo 64Both Worlds, *sixty nine$thirteen.99$24.95

Gangsta is also advocated by using fashion manufacturers Dolls Kill, iGirl, Zero’s, Jordan, and many others. She is also featured in top magazines such as XxlMag, FactMag, and Crack Magazine.

With all the coins flowing in, no surprise Gangsta Boo’s net worth is big and is playing her existence to the fullest.Early Life And Career

Gangsta Boo has a passion for song seeing Gangsta Boo that her early life. She dropped out of high Gangsta Boo college and began her rapping career by way of being a member of the influential hip-hop organization, Three 6 Mafia based with the aid of Juicy J and DJ Paul. She become the first lady member of the organization. However, later in 2000, she left the institution due to financial disputes and started out her solo career.

Gangsta Boo turned into the first lady member of the hip-hop organization, Three 6 Mafia. Image Source: Getty Images.

After then, she released her first solo album in 1998, Enquiring Minds, which gave a leap forward in her profession. Where Dem Dollas At was the song from the record that changed into ranked #forty six at the Gangsta Boo Billboard 200, after then, in 2001, Gangsta released her 2nd album, Both Worlds *69, which turned into additionally ranked #29 at the Billboard 200. Similarly, in 2003, Gangsta launched her third album Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera, which became also indexed #4 at the Independent Albums Chart.

Also, Gangsta joined the Three 6 Mafia’s, some other organization named  Da Mafia 6ix, and got featured on their debut mixtape entitled 6ix Commandments. However, in 2014, she were given separated from the institution.

Gangsta Boo’s famous songs are Mafia, Who Gangsta Boo Run It, Lolli Lolli, Stay Fly, and plenty of others, that have hundreds of thousands of streams at the Soundcloud.Family

Gangsta Boo’s father became very supportive of her profession as she is from a musical own family. Her father was a musician who, Gangsta Boo regrettably, died in 2017.

Gangsta Boo’s father become a musician. Image Source: FactMag.

However, other information concerning Gangsta’s own family seems to be private.Dating, Relationship, And Boyfriend

Talking about Gangsta Boo’s dating, it become rumored that she become Gangsta Boo relationship Three 6 Mafia’s member DJ Paul. However, later, the alleged pair denied it.

Gangsta Boo became rumored to be in a dating with DJ Paul. Image Source: Getty Images.

As of now, Gansta is Gangsta Boo probably single.

Above all, the credit for Gangsta Boo’s a success career goes to her willpower, which has led her way to prosperity and fortune.

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