Gangsta Boo Slams ‘marriage Boot Camp’ Therapist After Disagreement Approximately White Substance

<Gangsta Boo target=”_blank”>Gangsta Boo a href=”” target=”_blank”>Gangsta Boo Gangsta Boo Gangsta Boo and Gangsta Boo therapist Dr. Ish of the famous WE tv display Marriage Boot Gangsta Boo Camp: The Hip Hop Edition Gangsta Boo are Gangsta Boo Gangsta Boo at odds after the Three Six Mafia legend become approached approximately having capsules in her room.

On ThGangsta Boo ursday night’s (May 26) episode, the drama started out after the therapist faced Gangsta Boo and her longtime partner Emmett approximately the white, powdery substance allegedly observed beside a lamp on a desk.

The rapstress became visibly disappointed and Gangsta Boo straight away denied understanding what the substance was, as Dr. Ish endorsed her Gangsta Boo Gangsta Boo to get “assist” if she become simply suffering with a few sort of dependancy. After the episode aired, Gangsta Boo took to her social media accounts to slam Dr. Ish, suggesting Gangsta Boo that he took the wrong method whilst bringing up the topic.

“You might think that a person like @drish could have a better choice of delivery, when he is attempting to be all ‘expert,’” she wrote inside the Gangsta Boo seeing that-deleted Instagram put up. “Not sure if he only a TV ‘Dr’ while the cameras are on or in real lifestyles whilst they’re off.

“This is #mentalhealthawareness month so if Gangsta Boo you care so much approximately ppl fitness, with SO tons ‘issue and sincerity,’ why did YOU exceedingly permit ppl to be on prescription meds even as consuming alcohol in front of you?? Everything was on camera. Don’t pretend like you didn’t understand.”

Gangsta Boo additionally delivered that she wouldn’t dare propose absolutely everyone to Dr. Ish, even supposing they were “determined” for therapy. She went on to mention, “You truly owe the ppl who suffer from these items inside the darkish A DEEP APOLOGY. It became a chunk insensitive and wrong DOC.”

“Someone might also see you assert what ur pronouncing and be scared to get assist in worry of being looked at as a substance abuser or judged by way of Gangsta Boo human beings. I in reality have a REAL therapist who would NEVER attach character problems to substance abuse  so freely or allow sufferers to bask in alcohol on prescription meds in front of them.”

She ended with, “Do you understand how dangerous and risky this is? Could be fatal for some. Did you Gangsta Boo now not care approximately that? Don’t pick out and choose when you wanna be on patrol to be this fitness concern doctor. Should be a 24 hr. component. I used to recognize you. I have zero respect for you presently or your kind. Are you even married? Let’s be clear. Do higher homeboy.”

Boo later tweeted, “Side Bar: Oh and I don’t take anybody extreme who watch ppl drink and party on prescription meds. The hazard in that alone is wild. Back to this Verzuz.”

Dr. Ish replied to the debate with the following tweet: “I changed into very Gangsta Boo unhappy to see #GangstaBoo and #Emmet need to depart … cherished operating with both of them. Just proper human beings. #HipHopBootCamp.”

Watch a clip of the Marriage Boot Camp confrontation underneath.