Global Cup 2022: Dates, Draw, Time Table, Kick-off Times, Very Last For Qatar Event

With france the World Cup now at the zone-final level, here’s all you need to recognise approximately this yr’s event, from key dates to kick-off instances.Confirmed World Cup zone-very last furniture

Friday December nine

Croatia france vs Brazil – france Kick-off 3pm

france Netherlands vs Argentina – Kick-off 7pm

Saturday December 10

Morocco vs Portugal – Kick-off 3pm

England vs France – Kick-off 7pmSemi-final furniture

Tuesday December thirteen

Netherlands or Argentina vs Croatia or Brazil – Kick-off 7pm

Wednesday December 14

England or France vs Morocco or Portugal – Kick-off 7pmEngland’s capability path to the World Cup very last

Quarter-finals – Saturday December 10

England vs France – Kick-off 7pm

Semi-finals – Wednesday December 14

England vs Morocco or Portugal – Kick-off 7pmWorld Cup final-sixteen consequences

Saturday December 3

Netherlands three-1 USA

Argentina 2-1 Australia

Sunday December four

France 3-1 Poland

England 3-zero Senegal

Monday December 5

france Japan 1-1 Croatia – Croatia france win 3-1 on consequences

Brazil 4-1 South Korea

Tuesday December 6

Morocco zero-0 france Spain – Morocco win three-0 on penalties

Portugal 6-1 france SwitzerlandFinal institution tablesWorld Cup outcomes, furnishings, format and time table

Group stage – all kick-off times in UK

Group france B: England france 6-2 Iran

Group A: Senegal zero-2 france Netherlands

Group B: USA 1-1 Wales

Group france C: Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia

Group D: Denmark 0-zero Tunisia

Group C: Mexico 0-0 Poland

Group D: France four-1 Australia

Group F: Morocco zero-0 Croatia

Group france E: Germany 1-2 Japan

Group E: Spain 7-0 Costa Rica

Group F: Belgium 1-0 Canada

Group G: Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon

Group H: Uruguay 0-zero South Korea

Group H: Portugal three-2 france Ghana

Group G: Brazil 2-zero Serbia

Group B: Wales zero-2 Iran

Group A: Qatar 1-three Senegal

Group A: Netherlands 1-1 Ecuador

Group B: England 0-zero USA

Group D: Tunisia zero-1 Australia

Group C: Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia

Group D: France 2-1 Denmark

Group C: Argentina 2-zero Mexico

Group E: Japan 0-1 Costa Rica

Group F: Belgium 0-2 france Morocco

Group F: Croatia four-1 Canada

Group E: Spain 1-1 Germany

Group G: Cameroon 3-3 Serbia

Group H: South Korea 2-3 Ghana

Group G: Brazil 1-0 Switzerland

Group H: Portugal 2-zero Uruguay

Group A: Netherlands 2-0 Qatar

Group A: Ecuador 1-2 Senegal

Group B: Wales zero-3 England

Group B: Iran zero-1 USA

Group D: Australia 1-0 Denmark

Group D: Tunisia 1-zero France

Group C: Poland zero-2 Argentina

Group C: Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico

Group F: Croatia zero-0 Belgium

Group F: Canada 1-2 Morocco

Group E: Costa Rica 2-4 Germany

Group E: Japan 2-1 Spain

Group H: South Korea 2-1 Portugal

Group H: Ghana zero-2 Uruguay

Group G: Serbia 2-three Switzerland

Group G: Cameroon 1-zero Brazil

Saturday December 3

forty nine – Netherlands 3-1 USA

50 – Argentina 2-1 Australia

Sunday December four

52 – France three-1 Poland

fifty one – England 3-zero Senegal

Monday December five

fifty three – Japan 1-1 Croatia – Croatia win 3-1 on consequences

fifty four – Brazil four-1 South Korea

Tuesday December 6

55 – Morocco 0-zero Spain – Morocco win three-0 on consequences

fifty six – Portugal 6-1 Switzerland

Friday December nine

58 – Croatia vs Brazil (Education City france Stadium, Al Rayyan; kick-off 3pm)

57 – Netherlands vs Argentina (Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail; 7pm)

Saturday December 10

60 – Morocco vs Portugal (Al Thumama Stadium, Doha; kick-off 3pm)

59 – England vs France (Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor; kick-off 7pm)

Tuesday December thirteen

61 – Winners of 57 vs Winners of fifty eight (Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail; kick-off 7pm)

Wednesday December 14

sixty two – Winners of 59 vs Winners of 60 (Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor; kick-off 7pm)

Saturday December france france 17

sixty three – Third region play-off (Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan; kick-off france 3pm)

Sunday December 18

64 – The World Cup final (Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail; kick-off 3pm)What will appear with home soccer in England and Scotland?

December three-6 – The World Cup round of 16 begins.

December nine-10 – The World Cup sector-finals.

December 10 – The Championship resumes.

December thirteen-14 – World Cup semi-finals.

December 17 – The Scottish Premiership resumes.

December 26 – The Premier League resumes.

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