Guardians Of The Galaxy Outfit Locations – Wherein To Locate All Of The Skins

We all love cusGuardians of the Galaxy href=”” target=”_blank”>Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy tom cosmetics Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy in games and Guardians of the Galaxy is no special. In Eidos Montreal’s hit new recreation, there are dozens of Guardians of the Galaxy clothes to find throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy sport’s sixteen chapters. Inspired via conventional Guardians of the Galaxy comics and with some new additions from Eidos Montreal, there’s a numerous choice of skins for Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot.

Guardians of the Galaxy The Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy outfit locations, however, are much less varied, all tucked away within the corners of caves and at the back of rubble in ruined ships. But, if you are seeking to a hundred% the sport or entire Guardians of the Galaxy your collection of the clothes in the game and open all of the crimson bins they may be discovered in, you don’t should appearance an awful lot further. We have observed all of them all through our two playthroughs of the distance-faring adventure.

Read on for all the Guardians of the Galaxy outfit locations, so that you can dress your Guardians up in fashion. If you want to look which outfits first, ensure to test out our manual at the Guardians of the Galaxy recreation outfits.Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Outfit locations

Here are all the Guardians of the Galaxy outfit places for Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot, spread out across the sport’s sixteen chapter under:

  • Chapter 1 outfit locations
  • Chapter 2 outfit places
  • Chapter three outfit locations
  • Chapter four outfit locations
  • Chapter five outfit locations
  • Chapter 6 outfit locations
  • Chapter 7 outfit locations
  • Chapter 8 outfit places
  • Chapter 10 outfit locations
  • Chapter 12 outfit places
  • Chapter 13 outfit places
  • Chapter 14 outfit locations
  • Chapter sixteen outfit locaitons

Chapter 1 Outfit Locations

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) – Rocket outfit

After sliding down the deliver, you may see an opening in your left thru every other deliver’s door. Before you undergo, look for your right to find a deliver with an open segment under you. Jump all the way down to locate the outfit box.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) – Groot outfit

After the cutscene with the abnormal entity, Groot will meet returned up with you and Rocket. In the following room, head in your right to discover the container with the outfit behind a wall of red Quarantine Zone goo.Chapter 2 Outfit Locations

Nova-Lord – Star-Lord outfit

While handcuffed and taking walks thru the back corridors of the ship with Nikki, you may come across a gap underneath the set of pipes. Crouch through there to discover the chest and the outfit.Chapter three Outfit Locations

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) – Gamora outfit

While exploring Skenarf IX, you may encounter a massive blue plant with red round plants growing inside the curve. This is simply after you climb up the antique deliver’s wings.

Before you head down the route, take a right just before the plant to find a pathway main closer to a cave. Make your manner via the cave and squeeze thru the distance in the wall after destroying the 2 cube enemies. On the cliff, above you, you will discover the chest with the outfit.

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Groot outfit

Right on the give up of the extent, after you kill the two creatures, you will use Groot’s bridge introduction potential to recover from to a rock contrary the arena. Take the course to the left to locate the outfit in a chest on the brink of the cliff on the cease.Chapter 4 Outfit Locations

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) – Drax outfit

During the infiltration of Lady Hellbender’s citadel, you’ll be chased by way of a drone if you choose to give Lady Hellbender Rocket and the collection breaks out in a fight. Once escaping, eventually, Gamora will sign you to leap throughout to the following platform.

At the end of the systems, there will be a door to go into at the left. Instead of going via it, keep Guardians of the Galaxy onwards and bounce to the systems in advance to find the Drax outfit within the chest.

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Rocket outfit

If you provide Lady Hellbender Rocket and a combat breaks out you may ultimately hit a few sewers. At the first split in the direction take a left to find the outfit Guardians of the Galaxy field subsequent to a barricade.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) – Drax Outfit

If the assembly with Lady Hellbender is going easily and also you offer up Groot with out a fight breaking out, you may be able to infiltrate the ship again whilst absolutely everyone is asleep.

Once you reach Lady Hellbender’s principal chamber, stroll alongside the outdoor of the room to locate the chest with the outfit.

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Rocket outfit

If the meeting with Lady Hellbender is going smoothly and you offer up Groot without a combat breaking out, you may be able to infiltrate the deliver again while each person is asleep.

Eventually, you’ll head down from Lady Hellbender’s chamber to any other common room with guards napping. Take the course to the left to discover an outfit container on the give up, behind a number of boxes.Chapter five Outfit Locations

When you attain the doorway to the bottom, you may want to interchange the strength glide a good way to open the exit. Before you do, transfer the glide so that it opens the first door at the left to the restrooms. The outfit box is sitting in here.

Nova Corps – Groot outfit

After a few combat sequences, you may reach a room with a hollow within the ceiling you may leap as much as. Before heading upwards, stroll to the other cease of the room to discover the field behind a forklift.CHAPTER 6 OUTFIT LOCATIONS

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) – Star-Lord outfit

At the again of Guardians of the Galaxy Knowhere, you will find a huge purple tree with 3 children gambling underneath it. Climb over the railing subsequent to where they’re playing to locate the outfit sitting at the purple pipes.Chapter 7 Outfit Locations

While re-routing the strength with Rocket, use Groot to get him to raise a platform up even as you are on it in one of the rooms to the aspect. Follow the path, through the vents to go into the room on the other facet of the door.

In right here, re-route the electricity to the Guardians of the Galaxy sole door in the returned corner of the room through the use of the Lightning detail on the transfer main to the door. This will open the door, if you want to provide you with get admission to to the outfit field.

After Gamora clears the way throughout the space by means of slashing the cable retaining the rubble, use Groot to create a bridge throughout. In the subsequent room, pass all the way down the steps and shoot the switch below the platform to turn the strength off.

This will permit you to walk via the water. Tell Gamora to scale back the pipes to benefit get right of entry to to the box in the back of it.Chapter 8 Outfit Locations

After you head down the slope with the pink liquid even as exploring the ship, you will see a container on your right. Get Drax to boost it and area it in the front of the outlet you just came from.

Jump as much as the field and then above the opening, you came via to locate the outfit field up right here.

Cage Match – Drax outfit

After you are ambushed on the systems at the end of the mission, you will be decreased into a new segment of the ship. Make your manner around the walkway contrary the door in advance to locate the field in the back of a few rubble.Chapter 10 Outfit Locations

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