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Poor service.  Over rated.   No parking….. told to park on the street. No bellan- had to carry own luggage. Major disappointment


My husbHOTEL DU PONT and’s cousin got married this past weekend at Hotel DuPont – since it was a Sunday evening wedding, we decided to drive over from Philadelphia to Delaware on Saturday to spend the night there and be able to sleep in a little bit before having a busy day with wedding preps.

We ended up having a very late arrival, and in the past, HOTEL DU PONT I’ve had hotels drop our reservation even if I’ve let them know on the same day that we’ll be arriving late. I called the front desk on Saturday morning and the person I spoke to at the front desk was very nice and assured me that no matter how late we arrived, our room would still be there.

We ended up arriving at around 1:30am on Sunday morning, HOTEL DU PONT but the staff working at valet and the front desk were so friendly and helpful. Mike was working the valet, and told us that there were no carts available at the front desk so he literally went to every single floor to find one for us very quickly so we could unload our luggage and get checked in. Stephanie was so helpful at the front desk, not only when we checked in, but also when we checked out and throughout our stay.

We had a king size bedroom and the room was incredible – a little older, but so spacious, with a Lavazza coffee maker and a large TV in addition to the sofa/desk area. The bathroom had a huge tub as well as a standing shower. If only we had stayed a bit longer so I could’ve used the tub! I’ll have to come back again 🙂 I can’t comment on the maid service since we HOTEL DU PONT didn’t stay more than one night.

The wedding party had two suites on the second floor for getting ready with coffee, which were spacious and very comfortable for us to be getting ready, including hair, makeup, steaming clothes, storing luggage, etc. For some reason, they wouldn’t give us the key for the suites when we wanted to go down to the wedding hall – but they did lock the doors for us after the wedding coordinator went to talk to them a few times, while stating that they HOTEL DU PONT weren’t responsible for anything that might be lost.

The wedding venue itself was incredible – the staircase into the rooms where the wedding was held was so beautiful, as was the “smoking/cigar” room where we took some pre-wedding photos and the groom’s family waited before their entrance into the wedding hall.

We left late that night (technically Monday morning at that point) and many of the family were sitting in the lobby, and the hotel front door staff were so helpful again. Mike brought our car up within 5-10 minutes of requesting it from the valet, and even though they were out of HOTEL DU PONT water bottles, Stephanie was able to provide us with some Perrier bottles before we left for our drive back to Baltimore. The only thing that I was a bit disappointed about were that we weren’t able to check-out later than 12:30pm that day (only 30 minutes in addition to the original time), but I understand the hotel was fully booked, so it might be hard when new guests are checking in.

Overall, we really enjoyed both our stay and the wedding at Hotel DuPont and hope that we can make another visit for a staycation at some point in the future!


I have such mixed feelings about this amazing historic hotel. On the one hand, she’s such a classy old lady HOTEL DU PONT who has been holding her own for 100 years or so. On the other hand (as with any hotel) there is good staff and not-so-good staff.

One front desk person is wearing a suit and tie and has a professional demeanor, the other a track suit, and far less professional demeanor. Evening valet guy was lovely and patient. A.M. valet guy…not so much. Bar staff was awesome and accommodating. It was Valentine’s weekend and, unless you had a res, you were SOL, but they were willing to serve you a bev out in the lobby despite being fully booked and clearly running their butts off.

When I got to my room after check in, I noticed water damage on the ceiling – and not just a little – then I noticed the full on dripping leak in progress. Called the front desk, and some guy answered with ‘Oh, ok, let me see if I can find you another room on the same floor and I’ll bring you a key.’ [Awesome!] Then 30 minutes went by and when I called back to follow up the same kid answered with a patronizing ‘Yeah, look, we’re really busy so you’re just going to have to wait unless you want to come get the keys.’ [Wanker!] So I did exactly that, and was met with the same ‘tude. (To be clear, this was *not* the same gentleman who checked me in – looked more like head valet for the evening?) Off-putting, and not what this hotel deserves. She is a grand dame, and deserves better representation, even when they are short staffed and all hands on deck. Find better hands!

Still glad I got to see her though. No regrets.


This was a great gate away for our family of four! Everyone that works the front desk is kind, knowledgeable and hard working. HOTEL DU PONT Now that being said they are VERY under staffed. Now that in no way will stop me from going back, maybe as an adult get away.


Hotel is nice and typical room size and style for early 1900 construction.  They do seem to be milking the COVID excuse a bit much.  They don’t provide any maid service, even though hospitality employees have been eligible for the vaccine for some time.  So this really seems as a way for them to cut expenses more than a safety issue.


This is our second time here. Last time (July 2020) no restaurant, minimum services, only ones on our floor, but lovely just the same. This time arrived Sunday around 12 for brunch and two day stay. When we arrived Yanni, who I believe is the manager was here, was very accommodating and professional. We had asked for early check-in because we wanted to try the restaurant ( restaurant is closed evenings for dinner Sunday and Mondays- which in itself is weird because with a 217 room hotel wouldn’t you want your guests to be able to get at least coffee in a.m.?). So we had brunch which was a total disappointment, lovely surroundings, wait staff in jeans, no consistency, and food selection all minimal, we sat at 12:30 and were informed they did not have any lettuce so no Cesar salad ( how does a restaurant run out of lettuce?). Anyway, chose a cheeseburger, because their was not that many choices that did not include eggs- which I don’t like- and the cheeseburger was soggy, fries straight from the freezer, sub-diner quality with upscale prices. All in all, very disappointing. Went out to dinner at 7 pm, came back at 10ish and Yanni was STILL here, this time manning the valet parking area. This woman , from my estimation, has been working over 12 hours! And is still working as I write this. I don’t know the reason for this, but I hope the hotel owners appreciate who they have working here and treat them well. I will follow up this review with a letter to the owners.


Beautiful Historic Hotel. The staff was kind once they realized we were guest. We arrived late in the evening wearing athletic apparel, and was stopped at the door. We drove down that night after wrapping up my  New York Fashion Week Runway Show. We received apologies, and were let in swiftly.  Rooms are tidy, Clean, Spacious. If you want a nice view ask for one. Once we showered, we headed to the Bar which was lovely. There is room service, but don’t count on any late night dining outside of the hotel. Its a tiny town.


It is too bad I have to give only two stars to this beautiful historic hotel I stayed last night.

There were just too many mistakes at this hotel.1. The lady who checked me in at around 6:20pm told me it was Happy Hour in the lobby with complimentary wine and appetizers. But I found out from the bar attendant that the Happy Hour had ended at 6pm and what was going on then was a private party. If I didn’t ask the bar attendant what time the Happy Hour was until, I ended up being a party crasher. A close call. No wonder every guest had a name badge on.2. The exhaust vent on the ceiling in my room bathroom was full of dust, making noise and could not be turned off. 3. The bathtub had bad water drainage. The water was up to my ankle when I was taking a shower. 4. A part was missing in one of two ceiling lights in the bathroom.5. Although I paid with my CC for breakfast at the hotel restaurant Green Room, when I checked out an hour later, I found $17 for breakfast added to my hotel room charge bill. 6. I showed my breakfast receipt to the front desk guy, and he took off the $17, but forgot to return the breakfast receipt to me. I forgot to get it back from him too but he should have given it back to me. It is my copy of the receipt.

The lobby is beautiful and the dining room Green Room is so gorgeous with those 24K gold chandeliers, but the management staff really need to get the act together here to improve the service level and the room quality.

I would not recommend this hotel for staying. It is really a shame. It is such a beautiful property.


I stayed in a suite for NYE and must say it was WORTH EVERY PENNY.  Dennis and the young lady at the front desk (sadly I never got her name) were more than accommodating and welcoming.  The room was beautiful and relaxing.  I swam in the giant tub (and it’s rare I can say that since I’m 6’5) and enjoyed all the fine amenities.  I will definitely be going back.


Chiming in to agree with other reviewers that the hotel seems to be operating with 1 staff person at a time. Most of the time there was no one in sight — no valet, no doorperson, no one at the desk. Totally empty. It was a bit spooky. Other notes: It’s a great building with a lot of charm but the room needs updates if they’re going to charge so much. I’d also note that check-in is not contactless.

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