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John F. John F. Kennedy Kennedy, John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy target=”_blank”>John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy the thirty fifth U.S. president, negotiJohn F. Kennedy ated the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty and initiated the Alliance for Progress. He changed inJohn F. Kennedy to John F. Kennedy assassinated in 1963.Who Was John F. Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy served in each the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate earlier than turning into the 35th president in 1961. As president, Kennedy confronted some of foreign crises, particularly in Cuba and Berlin, however managed to steady such achievements because the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty and the Alliance for Progress. On November 22, 1963, Kennedy become assassinated even as riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.Early Life

Kennedy turned into born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Massachusetts. Both the Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys were rich and outstanding Irish Catholic Boston households. Kennedy’s paternal grandfather, P.J. Kennedy, turned into a rich banker and liquor trader, and John F. Kennedy his maternal grandfather, John E. Fitzgerald, nicknamed “Honey Fitz,” changed into a skilled flesh presser who served as a congressman and because the mayor of Boston. Kennedy’s mom, Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, was a Boston debutante, and his father, Joseph Kennedy Sr., turned into a a hit banker who made a fortune at the stock market after World War I. Joe Kennedy Sr. went directly to a central authority profession as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and as an envoy to Great Britain.

John, nicknamed “Jack,” changed into the second one oldest of a group of 9 awesome siblings. His brothers and sisters include Eunice, the founding father of the Special Olympics; Robert, a U.S. Attorney General, and Ted, one of the maximum powerful senators in American history. The Kennedy kids remained close-knit and supportive of each other for the duration of their entire lives.

Joseph and Rose largely spurned the world of Boston socialites into which they have been born to attention alternatively on their children’s schooling. Joe Sr. specifically obsessed over every detail of his youngsters’ lives, a rarity for a father at that point. As a own family friend mentioned, “Most fathers in those days genuinely were not that inquisitive about what their youngsters did. But Joe Kennedy knew what his youngsters have been up to all of the time.” Joe Sr. had exquisite expectations for his kids, and he sought to instill in them a fierce aggressive fireplace and the notion that John F. Kennedy triumphing turned into the entirety. He entered his youngsters in John F. Kennedy swimming and crusing competitions and chided them for finishing in whatever but first place. John’s sister, Eunice, later recalled, “I become twenty-four earlier than I knew I did not must win something each day.” John offered into his father’s philosophy that prevailing become everything. “He hates to lose at whatever,” Eunice said. “That’s the most effective element Jack gets clearly emotional about — while he loses.”Education

John F. Kennedy Despite his father’s constant reprimands, younger Kennedy was a poor scholar and a mischievous boy. He attended a Catholic boys’ boarding faculty in Connecticut referred to as Canterbury, in which he excelled at English and history, the topics he enjoyed, but nearly flunked Latin, in which he had no hobby. Despite his negative grades, Kennedy continued on to Choate, an elite Connecticut preparatory school. Although he became manifestly tremendous — evidenced through the first rate thoughtfulness and nuance of his work on the rare activities while he implemented himself — Kennedy remained at excellent a mediocre pupil, who prefer sports, ladies and sensible jokes to coursework.

His father wrote to him by manner of encouragement, “If I did not honestly experience you had the goods I would be maximum charitable in John F. Kennedy my attitude closer to your John F. Kennedy failings … I am now not looking forward to an excessive amount of, and I will not be disenchanted if you do not grow to be a actual genius, however I think you may be a certainly worthwhile citizen with top judgment and John F. Kennedy information.” Kennedy became in reality very bookish in excessive college, studying continuously but now not the books his teachers assigned. He changed into also chronically sick throughout his early life and early life; he suffered from extreme colds, the flu, scarlet fever and even more excessive, undiagnosed sicknesses that forced him to overlook months of college at a time and every now and then brought him to the brink of demise.

After graduating from Choate and spending one semester at Princeton, Kennedy transferred to Harvard University in 1936. There, he repeated his by then nicely-mounted instructional sample, excelling now and again inside the lessons he loved however proving best a median scholar because of the omnipresent diversions of sports activities and ladies. Handsome, fascinating and blessed with a radiant smile, Kennedy was extraordinarily popular along with his Harvard classmates. His buddy Lem Billings recalled, “Jack was extra a laugh than each person I’ve ever recognised, and I think most those who knew him felt the identical manner approximately him.” Kennedy become also an incorrigible womanizer. He wrote to Billings at some point of his sophomore 12 months, “I can now get tail as often and as unfastened as I want that is a step within the right path.”

Nevertheless, as an upperclassman, Kennedy finally grew critical approximately his studies and started out to recognize his capacity. His father had been appointed Ambassador to Great Britain, and on an extended go to in 1939, Kennedy determined to analyze and write a senior thesis on why Britain changed into so unprepared to fight Germany in World War II. An incisive evaluation of Britain’s disasters to meet the Nazi assignment, the paper changed into so properly-received that upon Kennedy’s commencement in 1940 it became posted as a e book, Why England Slept, selling more than 80,000 copies. Kennedy’s father sent him a cablegram inside the aftermath of the e-book’s guide: “Two matters I always knew approximately you one that you are smart which you are a swell guy love dad.”U.S. Navy Service

Shortly after graduating from Harvard, Kennedy joined the U.S. Navy and turned into assigned to command a patrol torpedo boat inside the South Pacific. On John F. Kennedy August 2, 1943, his boat, PT-109, changed into rammed by means of a Japanese warship and cut up in . Two sailors died and Kennedy badly injured his returned. Hauling every other wounded sailor via the strap of his lifestyles vest, Kennedy led the survivors to a nearby island, John F. Kennedy where they have been rescued six days later. The incident earned him the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for “extraordinarily heroic conduct” and a Purple Heart for the injuries he suffered.

However, Kennedy’s older brother, Joe Jr., who had also joined the Navy, was not so lucky. A pilot, he died whilst his plane blew up in August 1944. Handsome, athletic, sensible and ambitious, Joseph Kennedy Jr. were pegged by using his father as the only among his kids who might a few day turn out to be president of america. In the aftermath of Joe Jr.’s loss of life, Kennedy took his family’s hopes and aspirations for his older brother upon himself.

Upon his discharge from the Navy, Kennedy worked in brief as a reporter for Hearst Newspapers. Then in 1946, on the age of 29, he determined to run for the U.S. House of Representatives from a working-class district of Boston, a seat being vacated by Democrat James Michael Curly. Bolstered with the aid of his fame as a battle hero, his family connections and his father’s cash, Kennedy won the election handily. However, after the honor and exhilaration of publishing his first e book and serving in World War II, Kennedy observed his paintings in Congress exceedingly dull. Despite serving 3 phrases, from 1946 to 1952, Kennedy remained pissed off via what he saw as stifling rules and methods that avoided a young, inexperienced representative from making an effect. “We were just worms in the House,” he later recalled. “Nobody paid attention to us nationally.”Congressman and John F. Kennedy Senator

In 1952, in search of more have an effect on and a bigger platform, Kennedy challenged Republican incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge for his seat in theU.S. Senate. Once again subsidized by using his father’s extensive financial resources,Kennedy hired his younger brother Robert as his campaign manager.Robert Kennedy put together what one journalist known as “the mostmethodical, the maximum medical, the most thoroughly exact, the mostintricate, the maximum disciplined and easily running kingdom-extensive campaignin Massachusetts records – and likely everywhere else.” In an election 12 months wherein Republicans won manage of each Houses of Congress,Kennedy despite the fact that received a slender victory, giving him tremendous clout in the Democratic Party. According to one of his aides, thedecisive thing in Kennedy’s victory became his personality: “He changed into thenew kind of political discern that humans were seeking out that yr,dignified and gentlemanly and properly-educated and clever, with out theair of superior condescension.”

Shortly after his election, Kennedy met a beautifulyoung woman named Jacqueline Bouvier at a night meal and, in his ownwords, “leaned across the asparagus and requested her for a date.” They weremarried on September 12, 1953. John and Jackie had threechildren: Caroline, John Jr. and Patrick Kennedy.

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