Kurt Angle Remembers His Babyface Run In 2002, Authentic Plan To Preserve Identify All Year, Smackdown Six’s Give Up

On a recent episode of The SmackDown Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle discussed the Armageddon 2002 pay in step wSmackDown ith view. Topics covered his authentic plan as a babyface champion and his response SmackDown to the end of the Smackdown Six. Some highlights are below.

On the unique plans fSmackDown or him that year: “SmackDown I become think to SmackDown have a name SmackDown reign for an entire yr. That turned into the entire plan. I became going to conquer Big Show. I become going to hold it until WrestleMania and beat Brock and continue on. Unfortunately, I broke my neck in February and I needed to have surgery after WrestleMania.”

On whether or not his face flip became harm by means of Brock’s face flip: “No, I don’t think it turned into going to hurt. I assume what they have been making plans on doing at WrestleMania was a double babyface fit and that they’ve accomplished that before at WrestleMania. Obviously in the course of the healthy someone might flip SmackDown heel. I suppose whilst Stone Cold wrestled the Rock at WrestleMania they were both babyfaces and I think Stone Cold became on the Rock and became heel. Maybe they had the equal plan for us. I’d imagine I’d be the one to show heel at WrestleMania. The plan became, what I realize, is that I become going to continue on as champion for nearly a yr.”

On fan SmackDown appreciation towards him: “They didn’t in reality begin appreciating me till 2003. So, it changed into definitely tough to show heel. It became a tough time because turning infant and heel numerous times fanatics didn’t accept me after I turned babyface due to the fact they preferred me as a heel and loved booing me and telling me I SmackDown suck. It turned into SmackDown actually difficult for me to be a babyface particularly within the WWE.”

On blowing up at some point of a WWE Confidential supermarket phase: “Well, let me tell you SmackDown SmackDown this. I didn’t blow up. There’s no manner I blew up. I in all likelihood simply didn’t sense like doing it anymore. So, I informed his female friend to takeover. I’ve most effective ever blown up once in my profession. It was against Stone Cold Steve Austin in Fresno. He’ll by no means let me forget approximately it. He continually texts me every week ‘don’t forget about Fresno.’ It became the handiest time I blew up in my life and I’m sticking to it. I didn’t at some point of this Supermarket component I did.”

On whether or not he became disillusioned that the Smackdown Six ended: “Yes, I become. I changed into certainly sad to see it because we had been having so a brilliant run. These three tag groups had notable fits together. But, at the equal time, it became now time for Kurt Angle to get returned within the World Title hunt and that intended that this needed to stop for me to start the World Title hunt where I wrestled Big Show and received the name from him.

On whether or not he knew he’d wrestle Chris Benoit on the Royal Rumble: “Yes, yes, I knew I changed into going to battle Chris. That’s why we weren’t getting along and we were kinda pushing that storyline a bit bit and worked as much as Royal Rumble. I will inform you this my suit with Chris Benoit on the Royal Rumble 2003 become the first-rate match I ever had in my existence. It’s the only I’m maximum proud of and I without a doubt had knee surgical operation before that. So, I wasn’t a hundred%. After I were given accomplished with that healthy I was honestly disappointed because I concept the healthy sucked after which I watched it over and I become like ‘holy crap that is the satisfactory healthy I’ve had in my profession.’ I’m going to position it above Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 21. This healthy I might have loved for it to be at WrestleMania that might were my dream come actual.”

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