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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Witcher target=”_blank”>The Witcher is a The Witcher singleplayer 1/3-man or woman movement, RPG The Witcher and open world game in the The Witcher series.

The Witcher three’s Next-Generation replace launched on 14 DecemThe Witcher ber 2022 for all people who owns the sport as a free update. This includes DLSS three, FSR 2.1, ray-traced global illumination, ray-traced ambient occlusion, ray-traced shadows, ray-traced reflections (on some surfaces and our bodies of water), dynamic decision The Witcher scaling, greater broader carried out display space reflections (previously specific The Witcher to water surfaces), advanced texture resolution, progressed environmental geometric element, excessive-decision self-shadowing, with a new Ultra+ settings to noticeably growth visual fidelity on several fronts: range of heritage characters, shadow satisfactory, grass density, texture first-class, foliage visibility range, terrain fine, water quality and element stage.[1]

The replace additionally The Witcher capabilities a photo mode, cross-platform saves, new DLC quest (In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow) and costumes based on the Netflix show, Quick Sign Casting alternative, tweaked fall harm, easier herb looting, dynamically hidden minimap, minimap filter out to lessen icon litter, scalable subtitles, increased controller customization, pausable cutscenes, previously pre-rendered cutscenes are now real-time, Chinese Simplified and Korean audio, and numerous bugfixes associated with quests, cutscenes and trendy gameplay.[1]

General statisticsPC ReportOfficial ForumsOfficial Witcher Wiki (Fandom)Official Witcher Game Series Wiki (Gamepedia)The Witcher three Nexus Community Support PageSteam Community DiscussionsAvailabilityAll the digital distribution variations include unfastened bonuses that encompass the The Witcher soundtrack in MP3 and FLAC codecs.No model of the sport calls for either GOG Galaxy or any type of authentication, activation, or digital distribution software program.The initial 2015 launch has four DVDs, even as the 2016 Complete Edition launch has 6 DVDs.If you desire to revert to it, the Legacy model (pre The Witcher Next-Gen) is to be had on relevant save fronts[6]; on Steam, beneath the beta branch options; and for, offline installers for this model were moved to the Extras phase within the library as nicely.MonetizationTypeNotesDLCThe minor DLC include cosmetics, objects, quests, or the new game+ mode.Expansion packExpansion packs consist of campaigns cut loose the main one.One-time game purchaseThe game calls for an in advance buy to get right of entry to.DLC and expansion packsNameNotes’Ballad Heroes’ Neutral Gwent Card SetFree.

Alternative Look for CiriFree.

Alternative Look for TrissFree.

Alternative Look for YenniferFree.

Beard and Hairstyle SetFree.

Expansion PassIncludes Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine.

New Finisher AnimationsFree.

New Quest ‘Contract: Missing Miners’Free.

New Quest ‘Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted’Free.

New Quest ‘Fool’s Gold’Free.

New Quest ‘Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear’Free.

New Quest ‘Where the Cat and Wolf Play…’Free.

Nilfgaardian Armor SetFree.

Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone are bundled The Witcher inside the Game of the Year/Complete Edition.Essential improvementsPatchesThe retail launch calls for a launch record to play. Further patches require activating on[2]Skip intro videosSkip loading display screen narration videosEdit consumer.settings config report[citation wanted]



It will automobile-The Witcher bypass loading display screen motion pictures (which you may also bypass by using urgent space on a keyboard and rectangular/X on PS4/Xbox controllers respectively).Skip REDlauncher on begin-upGame dataConfiguration report(s) locationSave sport data locationSave sport cloud syncingCross-shop is to be had with all console versions of the sport.[9]Video

In-recreation snap shots settings.Graphics featureStateWSGFNotesWidescreen resolutionSee Widescreen resolution for putting a custom resolution if wanted.Multi-monitorCutscenes are sixteen:9. See the associated WSGF thread.Ultra-widescreenCutscenes are 16:nine. See the related WSGF thread.4K Ultra HDField of view (FOV)Default is 60°. See Field of view (FOV).WindowedBorderless fullscreen windowedAnisotropic filtering (AF)Controlled by means of Texture Quality placing. Low is 1x, Medium 4x, High 8x and Ultra 16x.Anti-aliasing (AA)FXAA, TAAHigh-fidelity upscalingTAAU, FSR 2.1, DLSS 2.4, DLSS

Dynamic resolution scaling is most effective available when using TAAU or FSR 2. FSR 2 and DLSS are best in DX12 model.Vertical sync (Vsync)60 FPS and a hundred and twenty+ FPSFPS cap can be configured to 30, 60, 75, ninety, 120, one hundred forty four or unlimited in options menu.High dynamic variety display (HDR)Automatically enabled while linked to an HDR display screen. A calibration menu is planned for destiny patches.[10]Ray tracing (RT)Ray-traced global illumination, ambient occlusion, shadows and reflections.Color blind modeImproves visibility of tracks, marks, footprints and heady scent clues.[11]Widescreen resolutionEdit consumer.settings config file[citation needed]

  • Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Witcher The Witcher 3\person.settings with a text The Witcher editor.
  • Find Resolution=XXxYY and set The Witcher your decision (e.g. Resolution=1152×648).
  • If you need to apply a resolution lower than 1024×768, additionally find FullScreenMode=X and Change X to at least one or use without borderlines mode.
  • Save the document and release the game.
  • Field of view (FOV)Add FOV slider (Patch 1.30)[12]

  • Download FOV Slider and Custom Localization Fix.
  • Extract modFOVSlider\ and modCustomLocalizationFix\ to <direction-to-recreation>\Mods\.
  • Extract modFOVSlider\bin\ and modCustomLocalizationFix\bin\ to <route-to-game>.
  • Start the sport and set the FOV using the slider within the options menu.
  • Going The Witcher over 89 will destroy indoors lighting fixtures and purpose excessive rendering/overall performance troubles. Game uses Hor+ scaling with vertical size; 89/90 is equal to 119/a hundred and twenty. If you like a hundred and ten or one hundred or 90, then you need 80 or 70 or 60 respectfully.Anti-aliasing (AA)FXAA and TAA are integrated anti-aliasing alternatives, though injected SMAA is an opportunity for folks that dislike the ones strategies.SMAA through SweetFX[quotation wanted]

  • Download custom SweetFX
  • Extract archive contents to <course-to-game>\bin\x64 and update DLL’s with ones from “x64” folder
  • Change in-game cinematic framerateModify person.settings file[citation wanted]

  • Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Witcher three\consumer.settings with a text editor.
  • Change MovieFramerate to that you desire (e.g. 60 or one hundred twenty).
  • Disable Cinematic SupersamplingModify user.settings record[quotation wanted]

  • Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Witcher 3\consumer.settings with a textual content editor.
  • Add MovieUbersampling=false under [Visuals] section.
  • Disable radial blur while using Witcher SensesModify person.settings record[13]

  • Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Witcher 3\user.settings with a text editor.
  • Add MotionSicknessFocusMode=genuine under [Gameplay] segment.
  • Input

    In-recreation audio settings.Audio featureStateNotesSeparate volume controlsMaster, song, outcomes and voice.Surround soundUp to 7.1 (no in-recreation option).SubtitlesClosed captionsMute on The Witcher recognition lostLoading displays and cinematics (FMVs) do not mute on consciousness misplaced.HRTF mod for headphones can be observed here (x3daudio1_7_hrtf seeming to paintings on top of Wwise).LocalizationsVR supportIssues fixedAxii’s opportunity mode now not workingThis worm happens when points are spent both in Delusion and PuppetDisable the Delusion improve[citation needed]Alter the delay to apply a signal’s alternative mode for keyboard[17]

  • Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings with a textual content editor.
  • Find each example of IK_Q=(Action=CastSignHold,State=Duration,IdleTime=0.2) and set zero.2 to 0.05
  • Save modifications.
  • NotesThis alters the postpone to trigger opportunity casting mode from 20ms to 5ms.Alter the put off to use a signal’s opportunity mode for gamepad[18]

  • Open %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Witcher 3\enter.settings with a textual content editor.
  • Find each instance of IK_Pad_RightTrigger=(Action=CastSignHold,State=Duration,IdleTime=zero.2) and set 0.2 to zero.05
  • Save changes.
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