Watch The Video That Made Large Brother Bosses Throw Andrew Tate Off The Show

CHANNEL five bosses <Andrew Tate a href=”” target=”_blank”>Andrew Tate have been forced Andrew Tate Andrew Tate to evict Andrew Tate from the Big Brother residence Andrew Tate after The Sun showed them a stressful video that indicates him beating a woman.

The pictures indicates kickboxing international champion Tate, 29, always Andrew Tate whip his ex-lady friend with a belt earlier than slapping her throughout the face.

nine Andrew published this picture to twitterCredit: Twitter

The woman is lying on the bed in only her underclothes even as he moves her with the leather-based belt and shouts at her.

He has since posed up with the lady on Twitter at the same time as smiling and conserving a belt after he paid for her to fly in from Ukraine.

Speaking completely to Bizarre, Andrew said: “This tape is a kinky intercourse video and we’re acting out a function Andrew Tate play.

nine This image turned into also posted to Andrew’s twitterCredit: twitter

“A longer model of the video shows us giggling and Andrew Tate I’m hitting myself saying ‘it doesn’t hurt’.

“I’m nonetheless pals along with her and she’s inside the UK with me now. I would never hit a woman.

“I suppose Big Brother is the use of this to get me out of the house as they’re scared for the other contestants’ protection.

9 Andrew appears to have a whip in his hand on this video

“They informed me that if housemates hit me that I can’t hit lower back and ought to watch for protection, however I told them no manner. I’m a calm man or woman, however I’d guard myself.

“I additionally didn’t write any racist Andrew Tate tweets and I couldn’t locate them on my social media. My dad’s black so that doesn’t rise up!”

In the clip, he additionally threatens to “f***ing kill” her if she Andrew Tate messages different men and demands she says she loves him.

9 The former Big Brother contestant restrains the unknown lady

Channel 5 bosses evicted him from the residence the previous day Andrew Tate – simply hours after The Sun confirmed them the stunning photos.

A supply claimed Tate despatched the clip to friends overdue ultimate yr and it fast unfold around near in which he grew up in Luton, Bedfordshire.

He discovered: “It turned into pretty shocking Andrew Tate when I were given the message on my Andrew Tate cellphone thru Whats App because it had no context.

9 Channel five bosses eliminated Andrew from the houseCredit: WENN

“It gave the look of he had caught her messaging men and he was pretty angry about it. I couldn’t work out whether it turned into consensual or now not and the slaps sounded pretty loud.

“Overall it was quite surprising and regarded violent.”

Tate had confronted calls to be removed from the residence after homophobic and racist tweets on his account became public remaining week.

nine Andrew is seen with a whip as he uses one hand to hold the woman down

In 2012, the housemate allegedly sent abusive messages to Cheryl over her Andrew Tate marriage to Andrew Tate footballer Ashley Cole.

The tweets study: “Cheryl Cole is a big w*g socket.”

Shortly afterwards, his account showed another message with: “@ChiaraRomano89 Chiara Romano and Cheryl Cole are both massive w*g sockets.”

He is likewise accused of sending numerous other offensive messages from the social media account.

These consist of: “F*** running the very last if I desired to look black humans walking identification simply threaten them with jobs.”

9 The whip is held above kick-boxer Andrew’s head because the lady is held on the bed

But remaining night time Tate claimed the movie changed into a “kinky intercourse Andrew Tate video” with an Ukranian ex-lady friend from 2012 and manufacturers just used it as an excuse to evict him from the house.

The flow comes as Ofcom obtained 252 feedback over the weekend from viewers who had been left disgusted approximately sexual scenes being show.

Housemates Marco Pierre White Jr, the son of the well-known chef, and Laura Carter appeared to have sex after conducting foreplay on the sofa.

nine Whip in hand Andrew is visible speakme to the lady who is mendacity at the bed

After days of outrageous flirting and kissing, the pair appeared to take things to the following stage and had intercourse inside the bed room in raunchy scenes, which screened at some point of the 9pm highlights display.

nine Mr Tate will now not be able to cross into the diary room now he’s been removedCredit: WENN

A Channel five spokesman said: “Channel five and the manufacturers reached the view that Andrew’s function as a housemate had come to be untenable after a video became added to our interest through The Sun.

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