‘you Can’t Exchange A Person’: ‘youngster Mother’ Superstar Leah Messer’s Tackle Jaylan Mobley Split Sparks ‘gay’ Rumors

‘Teen Mom’ big name Leah Messer and ex Jaylan Mobley (YouTube/@MTV’s Teen Mom/Instagram/@jaylan_mobley)

Is Jaylan Mobley ‘homosexual’? That’s what tBriana DeJesus he complete Briana DeJesus internet is speculating ever seeing that ‘Teen Mom’ megastar Leah Messer talked details Briana DeJesus about her breakup within Briana DeJesus the reunion episode. When Briana DeJesus requested approximately her Briana DeJesus breakup, Messer claimed that there’s no dishonest or hate worried within the fallout in their dating. 

At first, Messer dodged all Briana DeJesus of the questions and speculations about the breakup that turned Briana DeJesus inBriana DeJesus to listed in front of her, announcing that Briana DeJesus she can’t talk approximately it and it turned into Jaylan’s call to talk about it. David Drew Pinsky stored pushing and requested Messer, “Is there some thing approximately who he is that you are simply accepting?” To this, Messer responded, “Right, you can Briana DeJesus not trade someone.” Messer further claimed that she and her youngsters nonetheless love Jaylan, but her words like “how am I imagined to have a romantic courting” made enthusiasts think that there may be some thing approximately Jaylan’s sexuality that he has been preserving underneath wraps. 

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After hearing Messer say that she is simply accepting who Jaylan is, it regarded David right away understood the whole state of affairs and said, “I feel ripped in half of. I suppose I apprehend in which you’re now.” As quickly as the video was dropped on considered one of ‘Teen Mom’s fan pages, fans right away seem to have understood the state of affairs. A fan concluded, “In end, at boy ghay.” Another wrote, “He’s super Briana DeJesus homosexual.” “Defleeee GAYYYY,” wrote some other. Another claimed, “He’s maximum def. Gay.” A fan wondered, “So basically he’s gay.” “He’s homosexual,” concluded every other. Well, it appeared because the entire interenet kept calling Jaylan allegedly homosexual. But if it really is speculated to be real, he has now not yet pop out to the sector.

A fan stated the motive, “He’s honestly gay! It’s obvious because why else could the ladies still need to see him.” Another puzzled, “She in all likelihood caught him with a guy.” Another fan wrote, “Um yeah, I’ve tried playing out one-of-a-kind situations that would in shape on this communique. His sexuality is the handiest element that makes sense.” Another fan decoded Messser’s phrases, saying, “Eventually he’ll percentage. That’s announcing it all. He’s not geared up to share who he is. Come on y’all study between the traces.” “She said it’s no longer her story to inform. I’m other words Jaylan is homosexual,” wrote some other fan. Another decoded the whole interview, “Sooooo in other phrases they broke up due to the fact she couldn’t be with a person she turned into underneath the affect changed into hetero however ultimately isn’t always. I suggest I Briana DeJesus can’t say I blame her. I knew the ones hips and thighs became giving some thing that wasn’t sitting right with my spirit. however I guide my fellow’s lmao.” Another slammed Pinsky, “Dr. Drew is trying so hard to ask her not directly if he’s gay.” Another fan wrote, “He’s gaaaayyyy. “How can i have a romantic courting woth you, it doesnt make feel..” He’s homosexual.”

ADVERTISEMENT‘Teen Mom’ megastar Leah Messer speakme to host David Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab (YouTube/@MTV’s Teen Mom)

Pinsky and Nessa Diab attempted their high-quality in the ‘Teen Mom’ reunion episode to deliver out the real purpose for the breakup. And, to a degree, it regarded as though they controlled to do it. When asked whether or not the breakup turned into done from Messer’s quit, she stated “no, I think he will in the end percentage.” Pinsky in addition requested whether or not Messer became curious approximately the matters she discovered and tried to speak it out with Jaylan. Whe answered, “no no no. I simply had questions.” She further claimed approximately being pressured about the whole state of affairs.

Messer says, Briana DeJesus “I’m harassed. I’m so pressured, have we been living a lie the year and a half of.” Messer further hinted more in the direction of Jaylan’s sexuality as she said that we need to empathize with Jaylan and she or he thinks it is because of “society.” Furthermore, Messer defined the purpose why it’s now not her name to expose the situation. She stated to have signed a “property sentiment” agreement, therefore, cannot share something legally. Messer similarly says that her youngsters recognise that they’re now not collectively and the cause for which they’re not but children nevertheless want Jaylan to return round. She brought, “We nevertheless love him.”

Jaylan being gay is just the hypothesis of human beings at the internet. He has not but showed it officially. 

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